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Technical papers
Maximum feasible penetration of non-programmable RES generation in power systems
​The large-scale development of renewable sources, with particular reference to wind, in the generation mix might introduce several problems for a secure management of the power system, due to a higher generation uncertainty, thus requiring careful investigations by the responsible for planning and the involved system operators. In this context, CESI has developed a thorough […]
Technical papers
Market integration and storage resources optimization to mitigate the risks of “over-generation” from non-programmable RES: the Italian prospective
​Italy has witnessed a very massive penetration of photovoltaic and wind generation in the recent years. The largest share of wind plants is connected to the transmission grid and the total power installed exceeded 8.5 GW at the end of 2013. Photovoltaic plants are generally connected to the distribution grid and at the end of […]
Testing Labs
Explosion Proof Test Laboratories
International standards require electrical and non -electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas to prove it can withstand particular external events such as explosions, spark ignition, extreme heat and high impacts. To test these capabilities, you need special laboratories that can simulate such extreme conditions. KEMA Labs offers a wide range of testing services for electrical […]
Directive 2013 35 EU in electricity sector
Effects on technical standards development and on electricity sector of the Directive 2013/35/EU on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from electromagnetic fields which shall be adopted by 1 July 2016. The Directive 2013/35/UE was published on July 26th, 2013 after a long consultation process among […]
Natural hazards
Seismic risk
All of Italy is classified as seismically active. Therefore, every piece of infrastructure, new and existing, has to deal with seismic risk. ISMES has extensive experience in se ismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior of concrete (arch […]
Testing & Inspections
Inspections and investigations on buildings and existing structures
ISTEDIL, the ISMES’ specialized laboratory for construction materials, can perform tests on existing structures such as: ISTEDIL carries out load tests on:
CESI supports Jordan to reduce Energy losses
Under the high patronage of the Jordanian Energy Regulatory Authority ERC, the three Distribution Companies of Jordan (JEPCO, EDCO and IDECO) have selected, after a tough international tendering procedure, CESI to model and study the energy losses in the Jordanian power System, proposing a tailored road map for the reduction of technical and non -technical […]
​Paris, August 27, 2018 – CESI is attending the 2018 Cigré Technical Exhibition in Paris. Cigré is apermanent, non -governmental and non -profit-making international association that facilitates and develops the exchange of engineering knowledge and information between engineering personnel and technical specialists in all countries. At booth 291, CESI is presenting its innovative services regarding:Power […]
​Milano, 31 Agosto 2018Il Gruppo CESI, profondamente colpito dal tragico crollo del Ponte Morandi,  si stringe intorno alle famiglie delle vittime e alla città di Genova esprimendo il suo più sentito cordoglio. Dal 2015 al 2016, CESI attraverso ISMES ha realizzato sul Ponte Morandi di Genova attività di consulenza specialistica per Autostrade per l’Italia (ASPI).ISMES […]
​Lusaka, November 28, 2018 – CESI is attending the conference “Enhancing the renewable energy transition in Zambia” organized by Res4Med, aiming to create an enabling environment for renewable energy investments in Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Francesco Rizzo, Africa Area Manager at CESI, will be speaker in the second session “A feasible roadmap to integrate variable renewable […]
Operation Optimization
Grid code compliance
As the power system decarbonizes, balancing services will have to evolve as well, starting with frequency and voltage control. Every power plant must prove its compliance to the grid code requirements, running specific tests when it is commissioned and upgraded and on a regular basis thereafter. With our deep experience of grid code requirements and […]
Soil & Groundwater
Power Plants
Over the last 20 years, CESI has prepared and carried out soil and groundwater assessments for several Italian and foreign power plants. Where necessary, CESI has also carried out the subsequent steps required by the regulations: preparing health and environmental risk analysis, designing and executing emergency and operational safety measures, designing remediation measures at all […]
​Addis Abeba, March 7, 2019 – CESI is attending the workshop “Accelerating the renewable energy transition in Ethiopia”, organized by Res4Med. During the event, the Company is presenting its study crafted and developed together with RES4Africa and Enel Foundation focused on the integration of variable renewables into the Ethiopian electrical grid considering the development scenario […]
Rio De Janeiro 17-20July 2018 – CESI is attending the 10th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics in Brazil. The event covers innovative topics and will give those interested in instrumentation and measurements an opportunity to meet to exchange ideas, experiences and, above all, to strength the concept relating to field performance measurements. At […]
Infrastrutture Civili
Infrastrutture di trasporto Le infrastrutture di trasporto rivestono un ruolo strategico per lo sviluppo e la crescita economica di ogni paese, permettendo lo spostamento e lo scambio sia di merci sia di persone fra regioni e paesi limitrofi. In Italia la maggior parte di queste opere sono state sviluppate a partire dal secondo dopoguerra. A […]
Civil Engineering
Seismic & hydrogeological risk assessment
All of Italy is classified as seismically active, so every piece of infrastructure, both new and existing, has to deal with the risk of earthquakes. ISMES has extensive experience in the seismic risk assessment of dams, buildings and other structures. ISMES uses both linear and non-linear 2D and 3D models to evaluate the seismic behavior […]
​Milan, March 12, 2019 – EnerNex, a CESI company, has recently been selected by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to support its grid modernization efforts. The Company will be the key Consultantto facilitate PUCO’s Data & Modern Grid Workgroup (DWG) and the Distribution System Planning Workgroup (PWG). Specifically, the DWG will focus on […]
CESI @ Cigré 2012
CESI is pleased to announce the presence at CIGRE 2012, from August 27th to August 31st 2012 in Paris. With more than 6,000 international visitors expected, the CIGRE Session is the leading event for Power Systems experts from all around the world. CIGRE is a permanent non -government and non profit-making international association which was […]
Technical papers
On the way to compare the polarity reversal withstand capability of HVDC mass-impregnated and extruded cable systems
​The reversal of voltage polarity is essential in HVDC cablesystems with Current Source Converters (CSC), since it enables to revert the direction of the power flow. Mass Impregnated Non -Draining (MIND) cables are known tobe able to withstand the voltage polarity reversal without particular problems. TERNA, the Italian Transmission System Operator (TSO), has introduced since […]
Heading for a Sustainable Energy Future 2050
Extract from the speech of Matteo Codazzi (CEO at CESI) at the 3rd Dii Desert Energy Conference, held in Berlin on November 7th, 2012 The Target Europe is undoubtedly a forerunner in the actions towards a sustainable energy future. Following a debate started in 2007, in 2009 the EU Parliament and Council set binding targets on […]