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Storage & E-mobility
Storage infrastructures
Electrical power systems around the world are changing significantly and swiftly thanks to an energy transition that is mainly driven by the rapid increase of renewable energy sources (RES) and the evolution of generation and transmission technologies. Such changes require an innovative framework at system level to cope with emerging challenges and to take advantage […]
Renewables & Green Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen
Hydrogen has been used for more than a century in industrial processes including the chemicals sector, refining, thermal treatments, cooling of generators, as a propellant fuel and in the food industry. To date, hydrogen has been produced mainly through steam methane reforming of natural gas. To reach net-zero emissions requires decarbonised hydrogen production. This can […]
Renewables & Green Hydrogen
On-shore and Off-shore Wind
Wind energy will lead the way in the transformation of the global electricity sector. By 2050, there could be  more than 5,000 GW of installed wind capacity, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency [1], generating more than 35% of total electricity supply. The evolution of the wind industry has been rapid and remarkable, allowing […]