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verifiche centrali termiche

CESI has been selected as one of the contracted testing centers by the four German transmission companies to test both the reliability and safety of the three electricity corridors’ cable systems that will connect the significant wind potential of the North and Baltic Sea to the big cities and to the vast industrial complexes of […]
Bahrain selects CESI
​Manama, Bahrain 24th July 2017 – CESI has been appointed to support the Bahrain’s Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) in developing the technical and strategic regulatory requirements related to connecting distributed renewable energy resources into Bahrain’s national Electricity Grid owned by Electricity and Water Authority Bahrain (EWA). Bahrain’s Sustainable Energy Unit’s key objectives are to create […]
EJ’s news issue: looking ahead
​The last issue of Energy Journal opens a window on the future of the electricity sector in order to highlight its primary developments. In “Electricity’s future: no killer app to be resilient” it is highlighted the vision of the top management of Enel and Terna, the President of the Italian Energy Authority, and that of […]
Interconnection forum Berlin 11.11.2016
​ Celebration for the 60th anniversary of CESI and IPH. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of CESI and IPH Berlin we are delighted to announce the INTERCONNECTION FORUM 2016 that will be held on November 11th 2016 at the Hotel Maritim in Berlin. The representatives of International Transmission Network Operators and HVDC components, […]
Formazione per addetti ai lavori su impianti F.O. Enel
Formazione per addetti ai lavori su impianti di telecomunicazione realizzati in reti di fibra ottica (ENEL G. M. LELE08) per dettagli e preiscrizioniclicca qui In osservanza degli aspetti tecnici e qualitativi contenuti nel documento emesso da Enel Acquisti “Requisiti di base per la qualificazione delle imprese”  (G. M. LELE08) con particolare riferimento alla formazione del […]
EuroAsia InterConnector
NICOSIA, Dec. 18, 2015 – The EuroAsia InterConnector, the 1,518 km subsea power cable connecting the Israeli, Greek and Cypriot power grids to continental Europe, entered its final stage on Friday, with the project promoter awarding three studies that will lead to implementation and commissioning. The EuroAsia InterConnector officially awarded the three studies to two […]